After the publication of the site for my application Winamp, more than 200 visitors and 170 downloads from around the world in just 28 days!
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This site was created to publish my own creation. One of my application that has made it more comfortable to use my favorite media player. I'm talking about the famous Winamp. Now there are more than 5 years that I use every day to listen to my music. It will happen to you with your media player having to minimize all open windows or seek to have to change song, or just to pause. On this issue, with the arrival of Windows 7 and my passion for programming was born Baudio91Winamp.

Windows 7 and its new taskbar

With the new Windows 7, always present in Windows 8, and taskbar back my application very convenient and useful, in fact, thanks to this application, you will always have winamp under control while doing another. You can use the common functions (play, stop, pause, forward and backward), see author and title, change and see the position of the progressbar track with a convenient, easily select songs from the playlist as you like and customize the application. All this without having to open any window, without having to minimize or try winamp. Always before your eyes!


I tried to make installation as simple as possible, so I hope you do not have problems of any kind. If you have problems please contact me immediately because I already have the solution. After the introduction we see the installation. You must download the setup from the site and after that start with a simple double click. Follow the instructions and the installation is completed launch the icon that will appear on your desktop. Winamp and will start my application on your taskbar. In order to use my application, you need a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Winamp 5.x installed.


A free version with basic commands, no playlist, but with many convenient features to show.


The use of my application is very simple. You have the common commands of the media player. A button for volume control with the mouse wheel, and activated with the click of the middle mouse button. Pressing the mouse on the bar for progress can change the track position. With the right mouse button you get a menu with some handy features to explore, you can move in your library or customize the color of the text of the application.

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